Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lunch with Julie and Jax

Today my sister in law Julie and my adorable nephew Jax took me out to eat lunch at Meridee's breadbasket here in Franklin. Julie and I both love going to Meridee's and we had our usual favorites. 

Julie had a yummy low fat chicken salad plate with a scoop of the banana/cherry frozen salad and I had their salad with the zesty tomato dressing and a ham and cheese crescent.  Jax had a pimento cheese sandwich and he decided he would like to have the ham and cheese instead, so we swapped halves and I ate half of his pimento. He is such a good little eater and so funny!  

Julie, Jax and her hubby John (Yes, 2 Julie's and 2 John's, it's not too confusing) gave me a gift card for one of the local spas around here. My brother in law Jay also gave me one, so I am going to get a massage soon! Can't wait!

Jax will be two this August (two days before Leslie's b'day) and I can't believe he has been here 2 years! He is so fun just to watch and is so curious about everything. Julie was so precious today...she said, "I can't believe I have my baby."  She is sooo happy and I love it!  Children are such a blessing from God, aren't they?!

I had to sneak off when our lunch was finished, because Jax hates for anyone to say goodbye or to leave.  I have to say Jax that I agree with you...I don't like for people I love to leave either. What a cutie.

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Julie said...

We had fun, too! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.