Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Precious Little One

Yesterday was a day of "preciousness". Is that a word? Baby Justus came and stayed with me while his mommy and sister attended a school Spring program. He was happy the whole time! I just marvel anew at such a little miracle. His little fingers were always moving and reaching for something new to discover. 

Thank you Mindy for letting me cuddle with your precious one for a little while! Thank you Hannah for telling me what songs Justus likes to have sung to him!


Mindy said...

We Love You so much, Julie. John better watch out because I saw Justus flirting with you!!! he he he!

Joni said...

Preciousness is certainly a word when it comes to Justus - isn't he the sweetest thing? Thanks for loving on him and being such a good friend to my family in TN!

Joni - the bamboozler (see Mindy's blog)