Saturday, April 4, 2009

It is close to sunset and we just returned from the beach here at Amelia Island. The Atlantic ocean is calm, blue and beautiful. DH and I can't remember it being this lovely the last time we saw it. It is a peaceful kind of quiet here.

Savannah and I have been doing the "seashell stoop" and our pockets are full and we click-clacked back to the room. More shells to put in my bird bath table top.

We can see two weddings going on from our window and we could see joy in faces.

We had another wonderful visit in Savannah and my Savannah hated to leave today. We will sleep well tonight with the ocean air in our lungs.

I'll be 43 tomorrow! Goodbye forever 42!


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like another fabulous trip to one of your favorite places!

Mindy said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Come home soon!!

Uno Who said...

Your getting old....

P.S. the new plate in my head works great.

Leslie said...