Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have my window raised and I love hearing the birds singing and the dogs barking (not mine this time) outside. The weather is gorgeous here and it truly feels like Spring.  

DH and I bought a push mower yesterday at Costco and he put it together and cut the yard. It looks wonderful! He said he really enjoyed doing it too. We have had a yard service for years and DH decided he would start cutting it again himself. Last night he said it had been years since he had walked every part of our property. He felt like he had been missing a part of being involved in work around the house.  I thought that was sweet and I noticed there was more of a spring in his step. I hope he still feels that way in July and August when it is hot, hot, hot around here. When he does something, he does it 110%. 

I called mom and dad yesterday and invited them up for a visit. I was hoping to head down to see them in May when Sav got out of school, but DH said June would be better with the Paris trip coming up then. So I knew I could not go the whole month of April and May without seeing them. Mom and Dad both got on the phone and we had to synchronize out date books. Mom and her sister, my Aunt Betty, have planned a trip to southern Florida to check out some orange grove acreage they both own and need to go see, so we had to work around that. They always have church work going on like us too and then they always need to see if Les and the kids (or her dogs) need them. Well, we finally found a date at the end of this month when it works for all of us and they will get to hear Sav's chorus sing on a Sunday night. It would be perfect if Les, Todd and the kids could come too! It's good to have it down on the calendar and I can look forward!

Having been home most of the winter, I am getting the travelling bug. Les and I have started text messaging each other travel ideas and tips on what to take (and not to take) on the Paris trip. It is going to be crazy fun going with my daughter, sister and long time friends, who we are comfortable and silly with! France is not going to know what hit them when we Southern women invade! They'll love us!


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Mandy said...

I'm starting to really think about Paris too...maybe I need you guys need to cc me on your text (haha). I found some cute gauchos at Target today - thinking about what to wear on the plane. Oh, did Les tell you about our flight information - the Memphis group will be worn out before we even leave Atlanta! I was going to call you tonight but then couldn't find your number - are you guys going to be around next weekend? Is that when your parents are coming in? I'm heading to town next Friday and running in that half marathon Saturday morning (25th). I'm trying to get in touch with some of my friends that live closer to downtown...but if I can't get them, would it be ok to crash with you that night? I would be up and out sooooo early Sat morning, so I wouldn't be there long. How do I not have your email address or phone number so I can communicate with you that way?? Email me when you get a chance