Friday, February 20, 2009

The Countess of Columbia

On Thursday night everyone around here is rushing around like crazy people!  I ask Savannah, "Did you pick up your room? Your bathroom?" I ask John, "Did you put your things away? Did you carry those boxes upstairs? Did I unload the dishwasher? Have you replaced that bulb?" "Uhhh, no...uh're going to get it!"

I scurry around to every room checking to see if I did the tasks she asked of me last week...did I get what she wrote down on the list? I cleaned out this closet! She'll be so proud of me!

DH calls this morning from work. "Is the Countess of Columbia there?"  

When Friday morning rolls around, we have got to be ready!

Inez is coming!

She is like a happy hurricane. She blows in and you don't know what just hit you! She keeps everything including us ship shape!

When I first met her, she had a two year old on her hip and I had a two year old on my hip. Now our girls are grown and our friendship has grown also. I don't know what I would do without her! 

As DH and I are about to hang up, he says, "Ya'll try to get a little work done between all the visiting you girls are going to do!" We'll try!


Leslie said...

Inez is GREAT!!!

Mandy said...

That's funny....we used to always have to "clean" for Joann to come! I know you love having Inez around because we sure loved Joann!