Thursday, February 26, 2009

Southern Lady Surprise!

Picture #1-Kimberly and I speaking with editor in chief Phyllis Hoffman

Kimberly called this morning and said I needed to check out the new issue of 'Southern Lady' magazine.  I picked up my copy and flipped through the beautiful pictures to almost the back and there is a write up of the 2nd annual Southern Lady brunch put on by the Junior League of Birmingham, Alabama!

I was looking at the pictures and saw Lord Wedgwood of Wedgwood China in England. There was another photo of some beautifully set tables we saw and then I noticed Kimberly in her coat speaking to Phyllis Hoffman, the editor in chief of the magazine...and then I thought, hey there's my coat and purse!  Our backs are to the camera and you just see my coat and purse. Isn't that cool?  

Kimberly told me to check out online the 'Southern Lady' magazine website and the picture was there also with both of us whole! 

I've never had my purse and coat in a major magazine before! And the back of Kimberly's hair looks so pretty!  

We had such a blast driving down, shopping and visiting together that weekend. This was like the cherry on top!


Leslie said...

I know a star!!(or at least the purse and coat of one)

Bella said...

Now that would have been such a fun time! I will have to pull out my copy and look for you!!!

BTW, I am new to your blog and love it!