Friday, February 13, 2009

He has taught me how to:

whistle loud enough to hail a cab
shoot a rifle
identify jet airplanes in the sky from far away (this blows the husband away every time)
drive a stick shift
bait my fishing line and usually Leslie's too
make a bed where you can bounce a quarter on the fitted sheet
jump a car off with jumper cables
check the oil in the car
ride a bike, ride a lawn mower
serve others
taught me how to ride a motorcycle and get a motorcycle license at 16
drive a 4-wheel drive on soft sand and what to do if I get stuck
not to be fearful (like when I ran out of gas by myself in the boonies, before cell phones, 
         walked up to a house and asked the lady to drive me to town for gasoline)
talk to anybody, anywhere in the world, at any time
sing all the time, whenever we were in the car
pretty much do anything, for any one, at any time
how to fix just about anything
love travel
do tricks with a yo-yo

He can stop you in your tracks with "The Look"
scared our boyfriends to death
loved to brush our hair when we were little
He can make the best beignets in the world
Never gave me a spanking ever
has watched every Western movie and can quote lines word for word
never could say no to us
will do anything for me

Who could this be?
I'll tell you tomorrow!

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vicki archer said...

How fun - can't wait, xv.