Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daddy Used to Be Smart?

Today Sav came home from school talking about seeing her high school counselor.  They are working out her schedule for her final year.

I  can't believe I will have a Senior next year! 

Anywho, she came home and told her daddy that she has a 3.97 GPA (grade point average) and was listed as 25th in a class of 137.  Of course we are very proud!

DH told her he was 11th out of his class of 200 himself.  She couldn't believe it!  She thought he was joking!  Poor old Dad!  With as much as he goofs off with her, it is his own fault that she is shocked her Daddy was/is actually smart!



vicki archer said...

Doesn't it come around quickly...too quickly, xv.

Mandy said...

Funny! I'm glad she finally realized that her Daddy is smart! Lesson for the day - marrying smart men help make smart babies!

Leslie said...

He hides it pretty well
Love ya bro!!

I think she has some of her mom's smarts too!!