Monday, February 9, 2009


I love being a domestic!  I would not go so far to say that I am a domestic goddess, but I do like to putter around my house.

I am not anywhere close to being as great of a domestic goddess as my Nonnie and mother!  My Nonnie ironed ALL her bed linens, prepared breakfast and a large dinner at lunch time WITH a dessert every day.

My mother had supper on the table EVERY night when my dad came home from work! I truly understand and appreciate that more now! No one is allowed to gobble their food up and leave the table at my house!  Savor my food and the time I put into it please! 

I learned how to iron by ironing my dads handkerchiefs and boxer shorts.  I loved to iron THEN! Now I am a whiz at catching the clothes just after they damp dry and I hang them up quick so I do not have to pull the iron out.

Sav had to decide on her schedule for next year and she and her friends have decided to take 'Foods' and 'Sewing', one semester each.  I am thrilled!

I started making Sav do her own laundry. I was washing 7 pairs of pajamas a week and too, too many towels.  Now that she does her own laundry, I think she is wearing pj's more than one night.  Definitely a lesson of 'learn by doing!'  She is on her way to becoming a little domestic too!


Jamie said...

Laundry is definitely a thankless job. I appreciate that Jenifer does that for me without complaint. Domestic Engineer's rock!

Mindy said...

At what age do they not pull out what you just put up and kiss the window you just washed and find the one place that you missed with the vacuum and put the dust bunny in their mouth? When does all that happen? That will be when I am going to start training with you and Savannah! He He He He He! I need it!!!