Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A French Connection

I absolutely love it when authors have google alert contact them when their name or book is mentioned on the web.  DH called and said Vicki Archer had left a comment on my last blog.  I have her beautiful book A French Life right smack in the middle of my coffee table right now.  

The book is a beautiful pictorial of the authors love of all things French.  She is an excellent writer and has put an exquisite book together. I just oooh and aaah at the beautiful scenes!

I am trying to read all things French to get ready for the trip to France in June. The last time I spent a week in Paris, I was in the 10th grade and 16 years old.  It was magical!  We have since stopped through on flights with mom, dad, DH and Sav and we have literally run full out through the Charles De Galle airport trying to make a flight.  That was quite an afternoon. 

The world becomes a much smaller place because of the internet.  With people from around the world able to read your words at the touch of a button is amazing to me!  And to know Ms. Archer is in London right now reading mine is quite nice.

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vicki archer said...

and I am still reading them right now and so happy to do so. Thank you for the lovely mention - I am so flattered and so appreciative. I am glad we have met up in blogland and I couldn't agree more about the marvels of the internet. I lost my connection today (due to the snow storm) and was off line for most of the day - I felt totally lost!
Thank you again, xv.