Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Leslie and I have returned from our trip and it was absolutely fabulous!  Once again we had so much fun being together! 

Our first two nights we were in Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of Harvard college and home to book stores galore!

We stayed in a darling bed and breakfast called the Cambridge House and we were on the third floor up some very steep stairs.  But it was worth the climb!  Our room was totally wallpapered in red toile.  It was quaint and perfect! 

The first morning we decided to go down to Harvard Square and check the area out.  What is that across the street from the B&B? Does that say 'Kate's Mystery Books'?  I about fell over with joy.  Cozy mysteries are my favorite genre of books.  It did not open until 12:00 so we took the subway to Harvard Square and hit some fun places.  On the way back to the room we stopped in Kate's Mystery Books and were in there for two hours! Kate was incredibly knowledgeable and we had a very nice chat talking mystery favorites.  I think I left with 13 books, all for a great price since the majority were used paperbacks.  What a wonderful way to start our trip!  I called Savannah and said, "Guess where I am?" and I told her about the bookstore and she said, "Are you in heaven?" It definitely felt like it.

...more pictures coming!

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