Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sentimental Thoughts

I guess I am feeling a little sentimental today.  Savannah is finishing up her Sophmore year this week and is already saying she is practically a Junior.  This picture above is the little face I see in my mind when she seems so grown up. 

Everyone said the time would fly by and now I truly believe it.  I have loved every stage she has gone through.  And now she is my best little friend.  She truly is one of the finest people I know. She has such a beautiful, pure and tender heart. She tries to live a Godly life and is a wonderful Christian example. I see her daddy in her and I am so proud and I see the good parts of me in her and I am so thankful.  She teaches me something beautiful every day.

Thank you 'Precious' for giving me so much joy in your daddy's and my life!  We love you!! 

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Mindy said...

I just love that picture. Savannah was so cute!! (still is!)