Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Surf and Sand

We have now been at the beach for about 4 days and it has been wonderful! Savannah and I travelled down with my parents on Friday for a restful Memorial Day weekend. Some friends of my parents, Judy and Perry spent the weekend visiting too and it was so nice to get to know them. Judy said that if we lived close together that she knew we would be great friends. We shopped, watched beautiful sunsets, ate great food and all six of us played Mexican Train Dominoes all evening.

Swinging on the porch swing, the candle chandelier lit in the evening, listening to good jazz music, and visiting with friends. It doesn't get much better than that!!

...until DH (dearest husband) comes tonight!

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Leslie said...

I wish we were there playing mexican train dominos too!
We miss you guys. Tell mom and dad hello, and we send our love.