Saturday, May 17, 2008


I can't believe my little baby girl has a class ring.  She is so, so excited to have it.  She picked out what she wanted on it and has been excitedly waiting for it to arrive.  It came in last week.  She and her two best friends all got theirs and they are so happy and feel so grown up.

I can remember the excitement of getting my class ring.  I felt like it was the key to the start of adulthood and feeling truly grown up.  

I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the gift to see all these special milestones in my daughters life.  

In my jewelry drawer I like to look at my old class ring and Savannah has had fun trying mine on in anticipation of hers.  I did the same at my home growning up.  I tried on my moms ring and my Nonnie's ring in her jewelry drawer.  I can just imagine my mom doing the same with Nonnie's ring.


Uno Who said...

I can tell I'm being ignored around here.

Mandy said...

Someone needs to tell Uno Who that not every blog has to be about him! Todd is the best! I can just see you trying on your mom's class ring (I did the same) and can see Savannah doing it too. I love her ring and I know she is thrilled to have it! I can't believe she is a junior. Leslie and I were talking about that today - Nicholas is taller than me....children are so special!!!

Uno Who said...

I tried on my moms class ring too. It didn't fit.