Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Next Adventure

We are home from the coast and busily washing clothes and preparing for our next adventure.  The relaxation with mom and dad was wonderful, but I don't think I really thought about how close to our trip over the big pond was coming up.  DH mentioned to my parents that he would be sending us to Atlanta on Tuesday and asked if they could pick us up.  I realized that was in exactly 5 days and I was still in Florida.  I panicked.  We ended up leaving a day earlier and DH and I made lists on the way home of what we needed to get done.  (Find suitcase for Sav, change some currency, find the right adaptors, etc...)  With all that, we still found time to go to California Pizza Kitchen and see a movie last night with friends.  It's all good and I'm back on track.

Tomorrow is our day to worship together and it is also our Vacation Bible school kickoff.  That is always fun and exciting.  We also are getting together with DH's parents for lunch since we haven't seen them in a bit.

On Tuesday Sav and I will kiss DH and the puppies goodbye for a little while and head to Atlanta.  Hopefully, we will get to go to Melear's for my favorite barbecue and sweet tea that evening and spend the night with mom and dad in Peachtree City.  Wednesday will see us back to the airport to meet with Charlotte and the other girls for our big trip!  I believe there are about 15 in our group.  A sweet little group of girlfriends and mothers and daughters. 

I am trying to pack light.  It's harder than you think with a teenager going.  They want to have LOTS of choices to wear.  I am really having to pare some things down for Sav.  Last year when mom and I went to Italy, we both carried carry-on suitcases.  We had the smallest amount of luggage and the airlines lost mom's luggage in route.  We both travelled and wore my clothes from just a carry-on!  So, I know that it can be done with just the necessities.  (They never did find mom's luggage)  It was still a fabulous, once in a lifetime trip.
This is the first time that Sav and I have been so far away from DH.  When we were driving back the 7 hours from the beach, we couldn't believe it was the same 7 hours flying time to London.  The world really is a small place and we can get to each other pretty quick.  It helps knowing that he is just a drive/flight away. We are so excited!!

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Mandy said...

I hope you and Savannah have a wonderful trip! I know you will! Take care of my Mama!! Love to you all!!!