Monday, May 5, 2008

Uh Oh!

Uh Oh! My crazy brother-in-law has discovered my blog.  Let me just go ahead and apologize ahead of time. We have no control over what he does.  He's already left a couple comments. (uno who)   He is one of those crazy pilots.  They will say and do anything.  But let me tell you, I have plenty of leverage!  I am the only one in our family who can actually embarrass him, trick him, make him turn red and he knows it.  Look out Todd, I'll get ya!  No seriously, I love my brother-in-law and he makes the world definitely a funnier place.  Think dry, dry sense of humor, will say anything anywhere, tall (6'5"), handsome, thinks he's never wrong, will push you until you are ready to strangle him and you have Todd.  Okay Todd, here's your 15 seconds of fame. That's it. Love ya! ...and no I will not put a picture of you in your underwear on my blog.  That could give someone a heart attack!

On to more important things...

Ladies retreat was lots of fun.  We had some crazy weather on the way over to the camp and I thought I was going to see a tornado, but all turned out fine.

Our theme for the night was "Sowing Seeds of Kindness."  It was very time appropriate and I left feeling closer to lots of ladies I knew, but really didn't 'know.'  Know what I mean?  My room-mates were fun and sweet, the snacks were delicious and I ate too much!  We heard two wonderful ladies speak and did some fun crafts.  A lot of hard work was put into the weekend and the retreat committee did an awesome job.

I am busy with laundry this morning getting ready for Wednesday afternoon when my sis and I fly off for our annual get-away.  I talked to her this morning and she is ready to go too (broken toe and all). They had their ladies day in Peachtree City this weekend too and Janie Craun of Christian Woman magazine spoke.  So, she has been very busy too.

I talked to my mom and dad this morning.  They were in Coffeeville, Mississippi checking on things at my grandparents farm, then they are off to the delta to see my mom's sister and then on to Grayton Beach for a few weeks.  I miss them so much!  We hope to run down there when Savannah gets out of school.  

Summer is coming and it is my favorite time of year.  I have Savannah home, we get to travel, and I get to see my family more often!


Mandy said...

I noticed Todd's comments....too funny! He's a mess! I'm glad you had a good retreat. Have fun with Leslie - I know you will!!!

Leslie said...

Hey Woman,
It was great to talk to you this morning. I am so ready to head North.I'll see you Wed.
Love you,

Uno Who said...

I should have a whole section devoted to me.

Uno Who said...

Is that how you spell devoted?

Uno Who said...

Look, I got a picture! Check back regularly, to horror of Julie, it could change.

Uno Who said...

Man I good lookin'! No wonder everybody loves me!