Friday, May 29, 2009

Crazy Fun Coming

So sorry I have been neglectful to all my sweet readers who check in every day to check up on me! I have been soooo busy getting reading for this trip, packing, church work, Senior pictures for Sav and going non-stop. 

I told DH I was getting a little nervous because it seemed like my days were coming fast and short and I had so many more things I needed to get done. He reminded me that I felt the same way last year just before we left then too....oh, really? I's good to be reminded of things like that and remember how well they turned out and it calms you down again!

We are going to the beach before the big trip for a couple days to visit with mom and dad and drop off the furry babies, then when we return we will come back to the beach and stay for the rest of the month down there. Anywho...I am having to pack for the beach too.

I am also rethinking some clothes because it might be a little cooler than we thought. I think the secret is layering. It's always cooler in the morning and evening and warms up during the day.

I can not wait to be with these ladies who are going! There are multiple WHOOTS going and getting them all together is going to be SO CRAZY FUNNY AND FUN! I am going to have some great stories to tell you all!!!

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Mandy said...

I just get so excited when I think about spending time with all these fab ladies that are going! Cassie, the girl that will be a freshman at LU in the fall is thrilled about Savannah going and can't wait to meet her! I, too have rethought packing and will layer as well. I was hoping for a little warmer weather, but will take whatever we get because we will be in FRANCE!!!! Have fun at the beach - get some sun for me and see you next Sunday!!!