Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Showers

We have had sooooo much rain here! The ground is saturated and the rivers and creek beds are full. It has finally stopped and it looks like it just might be a lovely day. My dogs will be very thankful. Harvey has a severe fear to thunder and will not leave me alone to sleep until he is burrowed under a comforter. There was thunder three straight nights, so not much sleep for me or Harvard.

Today is Sav's last concert of the year. She has been down with a cold for about 3 days, so we are making her take it easy. "But Mr. King will get on to me if I don't..." do this or this. I told her I would rather her not faint on stage. We still have to play the bad guys when she is not well. She hates getting behind in school. I have to give her examples of what other people are dealing with in the real world in comparison to being upset about missing a day of school. Teenagers.

May will be a busy month with school finishing up. I still can't believe I will have a Senior in the house!

Being busy is good. The rain has brought beautiful greens in its wake and we are grateful.

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