Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time to Freshen Up My Porch

I am determined to fix up my front porch this Spring! It seems like I add one thing new once a year and that is it. One year, added pillows, another year, added rugs, another year, added a lantern. Boring.

I want to be able to play board games outside, sit and swing and for it to feel like an extension of my home. It is pretty windy out there, so I will probably add some of the outdoor curtains to cut a little off and to quiet the neighbors air conditioning noise.

I have thought about screening a portion of it, like the wooden shutters you see, but am not sure if that will work with the look of the house.  Any ideas? If I did that, I could even put a cot out there for it to be a sleeping porch! Ooooh, sounds fun! I don't think DH will understand it though...I can just hear him now. "A bed? On our porch?" Some things are better left not said and just DO them later. That's 23 years of marriage experience speaking, isn't it ladies.

Maybe a writing desk? A Chandelier? Pipe music outside? The possibilities are endless for a fun porch! Okay, I'm ready!


Mandy said...

Oooh, I've always wanted a sleeping porch! I might just have to make it back to Franklin to try the new porch out! I like the shutter or curtain idea and think you could easily pull that off with your house. My favorite place at my parent's house was their porch - to me, an inviting porch leads to wonderful things! Happy porching!

Leslie said...

I have a wrought iron chandelier downstairs. It can have up to 6 or 9 candles on it. I got it for the same type of idea on my patio downstairs. You can have it. I think it would go great on your porch. I got it at Cotton Picken Fair with mom one year.
I like the curtain idea. Some tan, brown, filagree or fleur de li(?) or striped thick awning type fabric w/ tiebacks of shells on ropes or something like that. Curtain rods on the top under the trim. OOO LA LA

Leslie said...

What about fleur de li metal tiebacks? A french theme!

Julie said...

Okay Les, you have been drafted to help me on my porch...will you be my designer? A French theme sounds very exciting!