Thursday, May 7, 2009

Discovering Beverley Nichols

When I was browsing at my local book store, I came across a delightful series written back in the 1930's. Beverley Nichols has been a joyful find! He was the author of many books and plays and writes a delightful series on gardening. Down the Garden Path is the first book, written in 1932.

Last night I was reading in bed and DH wanted to know why I was chuckling. I told him that they sure didn't write books like this anymore! I kept wondering if Cindy or Jodie had read any of these and the anticipation of sharing with them. These are right up "the cracked pot" alley!

They are reprinted in a beautiful hardcover with the original delightful illustrations. I just might ask for another one in the series for Mother's Day!

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