Friday, September 26, 2008

Country Stars are Everywhere Around Here

This really happened today.

DH's daddy was coming out of the Wal-Green's drug store.  He was driving his pretty red benz convertible.  When he was climbing in his car, a fellow sitting in the passenger side of a Land Rover next to him said, "Nice Car."  Mr. C looked up to see who said that, "Thanks.  Why don't you get you one, we both know you can afford it."  The guy in the Rover laughed out loud.

It was Kenny Chesney.  

Cool, huh? DH's daddy is a hoot!  He'll say anything, anywhere, anytime to anybody.  That's why he has the best stories with country stars.  He's talked to Wynonna in New York, George Jones also on the road, Dunn of Brooks & Dunn at the mall where Mr. C walks, and tons more.

We've sold furniture to Dolly Parton to James Taylor to John Rich (of Big & Rich) to Kid Rock.

John Rich came to pick up his stuff in this old truck and at the pick up area, it died on him and he had to call someone to pick him up.  That's normal!

Saw cute Faith Hill at the post office, with Tim waiting for her in the Suburban.

Savannah and I saw Naomi Judd on Main Street and I told her that DH LOVES her salmon patties I make for him out of her cook book.  She said to me, "Get him to make you the Spaghetti and Meatballs, turn-a-bout is fair play!" Another time my friend was nursing her baby at a restaurants bathroom and Naomi came in and saw Jaynie and went right back out and drug her a chair into the bathroom for her to sit down on.  Wasn't that nice? 

I was at Barnes & Noble looking at the magazines and look at the tall guy next to me.  It was Alan Jackson reading a Hot Rod magazine. 

Country stars and regular stars are everywhere around here.  I guess they like it here because people will leave them alone and just let them live.  They're just regular people like me and you!  


Mandy said...

I love Nashville - although when I'm in town, I never see stars! I love the story of Mr. C at Walgreens - too funny!

Uno Who said...

I guess I ain't regular people! Regular people don't live in their siter-in-laws bonus room.

Leslie said...

Ok, that's pretty cool!