Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she was writing about some of her favorite foods. So I thought I would mention a few of our favorites.

I think our all-time favorite food we eat is at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  No matter how many families are attending Thanksgiving or Christmas together with our family, my mother is ALWAYS asked to make the 'dressing.'  Leslie's sister-in-law (uno-who's sister) has even begged mom to make her an extra 9 x 13 for her to take home for herself.  She did it once, but then too many of us got jealous of the individual attention that mom had to shut that down.  So now she makes tons and we hope there is some left.  It is so delicious!!! And DH usually doesn't like anything with surprises in it, but he loves this AND puts Leslie's giblet gravy on it.  Who would have thought my darling husband would eat giblet gravy?!? But it is all that good.

Leslie has become known for making our Grandmother Nonnie's Divinity.  I capitalized the 'D' because it is Divine.  Our Nonnie made this yummy divinity by hand and it takes a beating.  It took Les a few tries with her Kitchen Aid mixer (beat it to death), and then got it perfectly right.  She gives it away to neighbors, friends and family.  Last year she mailed me some and spent probably twice on the shipping than the ingredients and tin cost themselves.  But it was SO VERY DELICIOUS!!  I was very greedy with it. Forgive me for that and Les, please don't forget me this year!

I asked DH what is his favorite thing I make and he said my pot roast.  Mom taught me how to do that too.  The secret is salt & peppering abundantly, flouring, then searing it first.  That makes it the best.  A good 'ole chuck roast cooked slow is best too.

My Nonnie was also known for her Japanese Fruit cake and chow chow (relish). My Aunt Betty is a fabulous cook too.  She is known for her Soup dinners and always makes the hot spiced punch.  DH's mom Jewel is known for her Banana Pudding and my own DH is known for his Broccoli/Cheese Rice casserole (taken from the 'Taste of Georgia' cookbook that Charlotte gave me over 20 years ago).  Savannah likes to make Fudge tartlets.  And of course, Dad makes Cafe du Monde beignets better than Cafe du Monde.

What are your favorite family recipes?


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