Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finishing a Good Book

It's always sad to me when you come to the end of a really great book. The Laughter of the Dead Kings by Elizabeth Peters was one such book.  

It had been approximately twenty-two years since Ms. Peters had written one of her 'Vicky Bliss' books.  Her hugely popular 'Amelia Peabody' series had taken precedence.  

When I heard that a new 'Vicky Bliss' was coming out, I had to find and dig out the previous five in the series to read.  What fun it was to read the books again, catching up with old friends, and reading them with an 'older' mind.  I loved it!

Well, I finished The Laughter of the Dead Kings last week and it was wonderful! I cried when it ended, knowing it was the last book of the series and hating to say goodbye to characters I felt like were my friends.

My friend Jodie read it a week before I did and showed up at my door one day wanting to know if I had finished it.  I have had less time for reading since we have been doing the 'Fishers of Men' classes.  There is a lot of homework.  Anyway, Jodie went home disappointed that we couldn't talk about it yet.  When I did finish it, she was back to my sofa in no time.  We loved talking about the characters and she said she went back and read the ending over again crying also because it was over.

I know some of you will think crying over a book is crazy, but there will be a few of you who know just what I am talking about.  The power of the written word.  

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