Sunday, September 7, 2008

There's A Gorilla at the Back Door

Back in the 70's, when Les was getting old enough to babysit me, Mom and Dad would go out to dinner, parties or to friends houses and we would get to stay home.  This was always exciting for us, because every kid loves a taste of freedom and independence, right? We got to choose what we wanted for supper and it was usually something we never got to eat.  My choice was always Spagetti O's in a can.

Well, this night Les said, "Let's see what's on t.v."  We turned on the t.v. and a movie called "The Planet of the Apes" was coming on.  

I don't know how old I was, and Les was only three years older than me, but we sat through that entire movie.  On Eastern time, that would have been from 9pm-11pm, so we were staying up late.

In our family room at home, there are two sets of sliding glass doors.  We are surrounded by woods down that back side.  

Les and I KNEW there was a gorilla at that back door!  We were terrified!

Well, Mom and Dad always left a number we could call in case of emergency. This was before cell phones were out.  The family or restaurant would  have to page the person needed and of course everyone wanted to know if everything was all right and what the emergency was. Kind of embarrassing for Mom and Dad to tell their friends they had to leave because Les KNEW there was a gorilla trying to get in the house.  

Mom and Dad came on home early.  We didn't get in trouble, but Les got a good talking to about what she should let her little sister watch.  Right, like she would watch it by herself...are you kidding?

No more t.v. apes for us and no ape was ever found out back.  All back to normal.

...Until Les went to see 'Amityville Horror' with her boyfriend and she had to crawl in bed with me when she got home and describe EVERY scene to me.

Then the pig with red eyes showed up at the bedroom window.

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Leslie said...

Oh my goodness,
you are bringing up memories I had forgotten.I also remember my senior year of high school, seeing"Friday the 13th" on Friday the 13th,when my date and I broke down at midnight( the alternator died, and everything was going haywire in the car). The Tyrone police were out and came to our rescue.They had to call dad to come and get us. Can you imagine the pause on the other side of that call before the explanation?
What did we...or should I say I, like about scary movies? I won't see one at all now.
I wonder why, with apes, pigs, and JASON !!:)