Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Favorite Thing About Kimberly

My friend Kimberly is the definition of a classy and lovely Southern Lady.  If  you looked up the definition in a dictionary, you would find Kimberly's picture there. She is a gorgeous, blue-eyed lady who is also a great friend.  

I have known her for years and she has known DH for even longer.  They sat next to each other in chapel when Lipscomb University was still David Lipscomb College. I was a few rows back.

Before Savannah started high school at our beloved Alma Mater, Kimberly was on the phone setting up a girls get together at her friends pool so Savannah could meet some new friends.  This was before school even started just so Savannah would not feel awkward on her first day at her new school. That's just how she is. She is one of those people who gives and gives to others.

She counts among her friends many, many people.  She has lived in the Nashville area all her life and married her sweetheart from Lipscomb, who also is a Nashville area native. (See Truman's Take on blog list)

She is also well known for the parties she throws.  Her annual Christmas party has been the social event for years for her close friends.  She can set a table like no other.  She has the most beautifully decorated home of all my friends.  Last year she helped plan an incredible night at the new fabulous Schemmerhorn Symphony hall for hundreds and hundreds.  Her taste is impeccable.

Now saying all that, today I spent most of the day with Kimberly.  We went to the Williamson County Women's Republican tea and then to lunch at the yummy Puffy Muffin restaurant. We ended up talking for about two hours. Oh and did I say she brought me a gift AND picked up the check?

Today I learned my favorite thing about my classiest friend.  SHE ALSO PUTS CHIPS IN HER SANDWICH!!!

I thought I was the only one!!  If I eat a sandwich, I have to put chips inside. My eyes were wide and my mouth was hanging open when she said she just HAD to have a 'crunch' to her sandwich! I TOTALLY understand!  I have been doing this for years!  The first and only person I had ever seen do this was my Grandaddy from Mississippi, who is also known as the Finest man who has ever lived on this earth!  I learned it from him.  Everybody always laughs or thinks it is strange when I do this.  If Cheetos are all I have, they go in the sandwich.  

Kimberly's favorite are the scoop tortilla chips in her sandwich. See, I just knew she was Fabulous!!


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Leslie said...

You and Kim are kindred spirits.There is always someone that could be your twin. It's just really neat how God puts certain people in our path.
Anne Levenson is mine. She and her family only lived across the street from us one short year, but in that time,we became extremely close, due to our similarities.She is even as tall as I am(5'11"), our boy's are the same age, and they showed up at our church! We would come out to go somewhere and she would be wearing the EXACT outfit I was wearing, even down to the same location where she purchased it years before.We would laugh histerically, because it happened quite often.One of us would change shirts so we wouldn't look like the Bobbsie Twins. She now lives in Dublin Ohio.I miss her terribly!
On one visit,I said from the guest bedroom,"I brought the teal blue shirt to wear with my Khaki capris." She laughs and says,"Ok, I'll change out of my teal, and put on the fushia!" (that really happened)She is my kindred spirit. It is just something different,yet really comfortable.Those people are really special friends.

Woman, I can just see you putting your Lays potato chips into to that sandwich!

Love ya sis!