Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall Is In the Air

Don't you just love the cool wind of Fall blowing in?  I am so ready for it.  We have been blessed with rains this year, so I am not as desperate for it as I was last year. By the time September rolls around and the stores start putting the sweaters, tweeds and boots out, I am ready for Fall.

I love having a fire in the fireplace.  So many people have gas fireplaces now and I even grew up with one, but I have never given in and put one in ours.  I believe it has been the influence of my friends Elaine and Jodie that I love having real wood burn. If it is the slightest bit cool, Elaine or Jodie will have a fire going.  I love that about them.

When the elderly man and his grandson come to deliver the wood, I enjoy having a chat with them.  They are what I call 'salt of the earth' folks. The man has this little dog that sits up in the truck and waits and watches the wood being stacked.  And if I have wood left over from last year, wow, it catches fire quickly and burns great. 

I guess it is the Girl Scout in me.  But I can really build a great fire.  I have shown DH how I set one and he has become a pro too.  He loves it as much as I do. He thinks he is the best fire builder now. There is nothing like the crackling and popping of a fire. I think it helps us unwind and just be.

Harvey and Azalea love to get as close as they can too.  I pull their bed in close and they snuggle up and get toasty. 

I'm ready for Fall.

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