Monday, September 15, 2008

On the Bus with Treasure

Last night I got the sweetest email from my friend Treasure in west Tennessee.  Yes, that is her name.  Isn't that a gorgeous name?  Anyway, she said she really enjoyed reading the blog because it brought back memories. Thanks Treasure! You're still as sweet as ever.

Treasure and a group of us from the south side of Atlanta were the kids who made an extremely long trek to a Christian school on the north side of Atlanta.

The summer I was going into 7th grade and Les was going into 10th, we went to church camp and met all these kids who went to Greater Atlanta Christian School.  She thought they were incredibly great. (She really just liked this boy named Ronnie and wanted to continue her summer romance!) And since I did pretty much whatever Les did, I ended up begging to go too. Our new city Peachtree City didn't have a high school yet and Les would have had to go to the public school in the next town over and the junior high I would attend did not have a very good reputation either. So there were also some good reasons mom and dad wanted to send us to have a good Christian education.

Mom and Dad agreed to let us go, and this involved a VERY LONG DRIVE.  We had to get up at 5:30, leave the house a 6:30 and we didn't get home until 4:30 in the afternoon.  In all, it was a 56 mile drive EACH way. School started at 8:30 and we got out at 3:00. The memories of Dad waking us up early each morning are NOT good memories. He had a hard time getting us up.

Treasure and I became fast friends and usually sat next to or in front or back of each other on the bus. When you ride so long with each other twice a day, you really get to know someone.  I made that drive for 4 years until Peachtree City opened a new high school 10 minutes from my house and decided I would finish my last two years there.  Leslie had graduated and I just didn't want to go another year so far without her.  Les did end up being the Homecoming Queen of her class at the school.  (See, Les has always been fabulous) Oh, and she was voted 'Best Lips'.  I have NEVER heard the end of that and am reminded of it frequently by her!  

Treasure is probably the one friend I still keep in touch with from GACS. Thanks for helping to bring back some good memories of riding Mrs. Thigpen's bus Treasure! We had some great times, didn't we? I hope your life is as sweet as you are!! You definitely brought a smile to my heart.

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Leslie said...

Oh my goodness woman,
you just had to tell the world
about the "lips", what a hoot! I'd forgotten about that.No one can believe we did that treck to school. I think that experience taught us a great lesson in perseverence didn't it? We have many terrific friendships from that time though,don't we?
Love ya!