Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pear Preserves Makin' Time

Every year my dad peels, my mom peels pears from their pear trees.  My mom has gotten making pear preserves down to a science. This usually takes an entire week and many sore fingers to do.  I have seen one person eat an entire jar in one sitting. They are that good.

I called mom and dad today and dad answered the phone.  I told him to tell mom to pick up the phone too.  Does anybody else do this?  This saves lots of time and frustration for the both of them.  I can just say what I have to say the one time. It took quite a long time to figure this out, but now it saves tons of time and repetition.  Anyway, I had to wait on mom because she had to rinse her hands because of pear juice on them.  

Oh boy! That meant they were working on the pear preserves.  Dad does tons of peeling and mom does the rest.  It is like pure nectar!  Delicious!! The jars are gorgeous and I have to get mom to save me a bunch of them right off or they will be given away in no time.

Most of my friends, relatives and neighbors have tasted their pear preserves and they also always agree that they are the best they have ever tasted too. 

So, I am excited that the next time I see mom and dad, I shall exchange my clean mason jars for new yummy full jars of golden pear preserves!!

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