Sunday, November 23, 2008

Alabama is Beautiful!

Having been through Birmingham, Alabama numerous times along the expressway, I had never seen the beauty of the city before.  We just assumed it was mostly steel plants and factories. Well, Kimberly and I discovered for ourselves that there are a lot of beautiful little towns around Birmingham.  And everyone we met was so hospitable!

We arrived at the Birmingham Convention Center for the Junior League Christmas show sponsored by Southern Lady with no problem. Thanks to Bryan, Kimberly's son, for letting us borrow his Garmin GPS thingy, we didn't get lost.  We shopped for a couple hours, ate our breakfast there and got to hear Lord Wedgwood of Wedgwood pottery speak.  They gave away lots of ornaments of the jasper ware but Kimberly and I didn't snag one. 

After the Junior League Southern Lady show, we headed out for some cute local shops around the Birmingham area.  Homewood, Vestavia Hills and Mountain Brook.  Kimberly had the addresses, so we just punched in the Garmin the next place on the list.  'Harmony Landing' store was a favorite.  There is a picture below of a room with the most candles I have ever seen in my life.  The Christmas decor was out in full.

A lady at the convention center suggested  O'Carr's for lunch and it was delicious!  More shopping followed and then around 3:00 we started off for the hotel. On the way we were traveling past some beautiful homes and we saw a gate and thought it must be a private school or something.  Turns out it was the college campus of Samford University. We were both blown away at how beautiful the buildings were! 

The Ross Renaissance was gorgeous!  It is only three years old and it feels like you are in a remote spot in the mountains. It reminded Kimberly of the new Biltmore Inn.  At sunset a man played the bagpipes too, kilt and all. How enchanting!
Our room was right across from the Presidential Suite. I went up with the bell man with our luggage while Kimberly parked the car.  I asked the bell man if there was anyone staying in it. He said, "It's empty right now, would you like to see it?" I said yes and called Kimberly and she said she would be right there.  It was gorgeous!  Soaring ceiling, a beautiful view of everything, kitchen, lots of flat screens, a dining room, and best of all, a huge tub that the water fell from the ceiling to fill it up.  Very cool!

That evening we headed off to the spa downstairs for our massage and facial.  We got there a little early, changed into our robes and slippers and hung out and had tea, healthy little snacks and just relaxed. We both enjoyed our services. I think it might have been the best part of the day.  We tried out all their yummy lotions and the extra amenities they had out for us.  What a treat!

We headed back to our room, ordered a light supper in our room, chatted, giggled, chatted some more and before we fell asleep, we both agreed that it had been a FABULOUS and WONDERFUL day.

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