Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Harvard Loves Books

Harvey got busted this week.  Azalea likes bunnies and Harvard likes books.  He has a particular taste though.  He likes old, used, rare and antique books.

I bought Swan Peak on the remainder table for $4.98.  He doesn't like new books.  

He likes the books that have been somewhere, that have been in other peoples hands.  He wants to be part of the literary crowd.  I am so proud! But!! I do not like him to eat or chew on my books!
The most expensive book he got off the coffee table was a really OLD copy of Evangeline by Longfellow.  I had paid $80.00 dollars for it!  DH and Savannah were in charge of the dogs that night.  I was at a meeting or something.  You should of seen the look of panic on their faces. DH found another copy.  Harvey didn't eat the pages or the beautiful illustrations, so I hope to take it apart and frame some of the illustrations for my 'Longfellow' room. 
Oh, I am still reading Swan Peak.  


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