Monday, November 3, 2008

Azalea aka the Bunny Killer

                                MUG SHOT

Does this face look like the face of a bunny killer?  Well, it is.  

Last night she struck again. DH calls her a murderess.

If she just left them outside, I wouldn't freak so bad. They carry stuffed animals around and I just assumed this time as well. I know it is animal instinct and miniature schnauzers are known in Germany for catching farmers rodents, but she is just too cute to kill something else so cute!

I have always told DH that I should be on 'Survivor' or we should do the 'Amazing Race' together.  After cleaning up Azalea's trophy prize, disposing of it, getting the carpet cleaner out, lifting windows and washing her mouth out with a soapy rag, I hesitated.

And I had to pick IT up! Yuk!  I don't know if  I could hunt, clean and eat on Survivor.  I always said if I was hungry enough, I would.  But after last night, I'm just not sure. 

I think I'll just stick to 'Amazing Race' now.

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