Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Everything has been non-stop around here.

Thursday, Jodie and I hosted book group.  I fixed a yummy bread pudding with apples and craisins, while Jodie decorated and the group came to her house.  We had thirteen present and had a really good discussion.  We discussed Run by Anne Patchett and everyone enjoyed the book.

Friday I babysat Jax while his mommy had a doctor appointment.  DH picked Sav up and brought her over to Julie D's to spend the night with her while we went on our church adult retreat.

Friday and Saturday we were at the Paris Landing State Park.  It's always uplifting to get with a great group of people and study together. 

Today, Sunday was Savannah's first choral concert and they were fabulous and moving! Her Daddy teared up as usual with joy!

I wanted to make it to 'Christmas Village' this weekend some time, but that just didn't happen. But I am really looking forward to Kimberly and I heading to Birmingham on Thursday for our shopping trip.  Just one night, but just right for some fun visiting and Christmas shopping!

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Marianne said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It is nice to find someone who loves Parnassus on Wheels, too! I used to read parts of it outloud when I taught librarians book selection. And I re-read it every other year or so.

Marianne in Vermont (where I notice you have not traveled - come visit!)