Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Plains to Franklin

Every Thursday morning our local paper 'The Williamson Herald' comes out.  I enjoy reading about what is going on in Franklin and the upcoming events.

My two favorite articles are written by my friend Cindy, the 'Cracked Pot Gardner', and William Carter, who writes a hilarious commentary.

William Carter is a Franklin city employee.  He has worked for the city for years doing things from landscaping to filling pot holes.  His talent is writing.  He writes about the crazy people in our county, makes fun of City Hall, and gripes about the ridiculous people who hurl insults at him when he and his crew have to set up orange cones and do road work, therefore ruining their day when they can't park where they want to.  He calls the ones who kick over his orange cones 'cone molesters'.  

I get so tickled reading his articles.  He calls his wife 'love weasel', his mother in law the 'Queen Bee', his dog 'Bear dog', swears he speaks to his dads ghost once a year and generally makes fun of SUV driving yuppies.  He reminds me of a Lewis Grizzard with family values.

Not many people know that William Carter is the son of Billy Carter of Plains, Georgia and the nephew of former President Jimmy Carter.  

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