Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why is it....?

...that I don't mind doing the wash, but don't like to fold and put away?

...that DH and I can't stand the door between our bedroom and bathroom to be left open EVER?

...that I can't get into a bed at night unless it's made up?

...that every time I put fresh place mats out, somebody gets something on them at dinner?

...that I have more skin problems now than when I was a teenager?

...that there is nothing good to watch on t.v?

...that my car needs washing again?

...that Christmas stuff is out too early?

...that it is taking  me forever to read Katherine Neville's The Fire?

...that Azalea barks and Harvey doesn't at the neighbors dog every day when they take their walk?

...that I am getting antsy to go somewhere?

...that I think computers waste a lot of time?

...that it is hard to be positive all the time?

...that I have to smell lipstick before I buy it?

...that I don't wear hose anymore, only tights?

...that DH still denies that he snores loud?

...that I have such an incredible child?

...that I can't help but stick my finger in DH's mouth when he sleeps with it open?

...that I need to stop this and go fold my clothes?

...that I love fresh vacuum tracks?

...that my mailbox will not stay shut!

...that I dread going up to see Sav's room?

...that I get tickled in church when DH sings the wrong words loud?

...that DH is obsessed with Disney World?

...that I always get a guy at the checkout when I have the embarrassing stuff?

...that every time you walk out the door, you spend money?

...that I am probably going to get in trouble with DH for writing about him too much?


Mandy said...

Love that post! I'm laughing out loud! Girl, that's why I do self check-out at the grocery! Looking SO forward to seeing you in December!

Uno Who said...

I can answer every one of those questions with one answer. Cause your OLD!!!