Saturday, November 1, 2008

Leslie's Stir Me Up

Sometimes when Leslie comes up she likes to see what music Savannah and I have been listening to.  Savannah does the I-tunes thing and has lots of neat things.  I still tend to like to have the CD in my hand.

Anywho, Les had heard this song on the radio and kept trying to sing it for Savannah so it would help to find it.  

Les said it had 'Stir me up' in the words and kept singing that over and over.  I was downstairs while they were up on her computer.  That night after the kids had gone to bed, Les, DH and I were trying to decide what movie we would watch and a commercial comes on.  It's Rhianna with her hit song 'Disturbia'.  Les starts yelling 'That's it! That's it!  

Well, the next morning Les told Savannah that it was 'Disturbia', not 'Stir Me up' and Savannah thought that was hilarious too. Cool song with a 'senior' moment.

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Leslie said...

Oh my,

I am getting old. I do remember when we used to sing lyrics to songs that weren't even close to the original song. We had a good laugh at that one. I'm just glad we figured it out. It was driving me crazy to know who sung the song.
Love ya!