Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just One Winter

There is something about snow that really makes me want to live in New England.  I would like to experience a true Winter Season.  I would like to feel the cool crisp Autumn, watch the incredible colors of the leaves as they die and watch one season of Winter with snow on barren branches. I would like to trudge through a field blanketed with snow in heavy coat and boots.

I would like to see the moon over the snow covered forest.  I would like to hear an owl hoot at midnight, watch the smoke curl from the chimney.

Having lived my entire life in the South, I can not imagine waking up to snow every day.  I think I would enjoy the stillness of the landscape.  The quiet.  Small town beauty.  

My friend Clare lives outside Boston in a beautiful town near Concord.  She loves the first fresh snow, but is definitely over it by the time April rolls around and there is still slush on the ground. 

Just one Winter, by the fire, eating soup, wool socks, bringing in the logs, listening, experiencing how the New England 'er lives.  

Sounds like the perfect place to write a book.

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