Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a Small World

I love running into friends out and about and friends who pop in to say hello!

Last week Mom, Savannah and I were getting some gelato in Destin and ran into Melissa and Stuart F.  Savannah is friends with their daughter Camille at Lipscomb high school here in Nashville. They were craving some gelato too! Small world!

There was a knock on the screen porch door at the cottage in Grayton beach and a beautiful red head is waving like was Mary Ann Kelly and her husband John visiting with their grandkids from Oklahoma.  They are some of my parents dear friends that went to church with us for years in Peachtree City, Ga. 

Then today Savannah and I were at Borders picking up some required reading and ran into Kae Mc. whose son Sean was a classmate with Sav at Franklin Classical 6th-8th grade! Kae is a pharmacist and I have missed visiting with was really great to see her! 

Also, the girl who lost her cat two cottages down from Mom and Dad, Gayle, said she is an attorney in Nashville whose son goes to Franklin Road Academy two miles from Sav's school and she lives in Franklin, same as us! She wants to coordinate trips to the beach together now! (Mojo lives in Franklin! Crazy cat!) It's such a small world! 

I still can't beat my dad's story of running into his cousin in Japan on a park bench though!

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