Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just the Little Things

Today it felt like Spring. The March winds are blowing here and blooms from the trees were swirling around me.  A gorgeous day. 

I had to go to the grocery store and passed people walking their dogs, jogging, mowing their grass and working in their yards. On the way out of the grocery pushing my cart, I stepped up on my cart and rode it down across the parking lot. It was one of those happy moments when you are just grateful and you don't care if someone sees you doing something silly. 

Elaine got home from Boston today and Jodie and I took them dinner.  Her heart is so heavy with worry for Barry, Clare and the boys, but she was so happy to see the colors of Spring in her yard. 

The little things mean so much!

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Mindy said...

Oh My! Chris rides the cart thru the parking lot every time he goes to the grocery store. He will be so excited to know that you do that sometimes too!! The thing is - he loves it and we both laugh. AND if the kids are in the cart we ALL get into the car laughing. I love those silly moments!