Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leslie Is the Best Sister!

This afternoon I spotted the UPS man coming down the road. I always get excited to see the UPS truck. Someone is usually getting something fun! Well, he swung (is that the correct word?) into our street and came to a stop in front of our house! I thought...I don't have anything coming...what could this be? it business stuff for DH?

It was from Restoration Hardware! I quickly opened it and looked at the paper inside and it is from Leslie!  That sweetie!  Sending me an early birthday present!

It is a BEAUTIFUL pair of Eiffel tower book ends! I am over the moon in love with them!! Thanks Les!!! My french books look sooo good in between them! 

In June Les, Savannah and I are off with our girls to France and what a perfect gift this is to always remember our special time together!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

You are soooo welcome sis. They just poped right out onto the page and I HAD to have them for you!!
They look great!
Love you!!