Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mary Cassatt is a Favorite

I adore the impressionistic work of Mary Cassatt. I have two prints out of these five hanging in my home. She was able to view and paint the beautiful bond between a mother and child. Not having had children herself, she usually used her nieces and nephews as her subjects. She must have been a great Aunt!

 I saw "the child's bath" in Chicago at the museum there and it covers a HUGE wall taller than I am. I almost cried when I walked in the room and saw it.

I viewed 'the children playing in the sand' when we visited Washington D.C. National Gallery of Art.

To see these paintings in "real" and living color is an amazing gift.
Out of all the things she could have painted, I love that she chose Mothers and children in their daily lives. You don't see it that much anymore do you?

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Anonymous said...

Why isn't my favorite Mary Cassatt shown?