Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Another Day

Today it has rained most of the day and we started off relaxing on the porch swing. A neighbor was playing guitar on his porch and is actually very good, in a 'Jack Johnson/Dave Matthews' kind of way.

Savannah and I wandered around Seaside, stopping in Sundog books, Quincy's art store and Hooch and Holly's. DH stayed at the cottage and has enjoyed relaxing by vacuuming out the pool and sweeping up every leaf that has had the nerve to fall on his watch.

Mom and Dad came in this afternoon. Another neighbor had a 9 month old cat named Mojo get out her door and we spent an hour helping her find the cat. We gave her a can of crabmeat hoping the scent would attract the cat. Hopefully Mojo will show up.

Then Les called and said mom and dad's security fire alarm was going off at the house in Georgia and she had been called! Of course every code Les told them didn't work. Dad called the neighbor and he said the fire trucks and police were already there. I told my mom that maybe they had to use an ax to bust down the door. (My poor attempt at humor) Mom said "Land Sakes!" This kind of stuff always happens when any of us head out of town! We are used to it!

Then we said maybe the police would arrest Les when she got over there. DH said Les could use a little time 'under the jail'. (They are always into it.) No luck there...she said she would just call us for bond.

Thank heavens, all was fine...just another day around here!


Inez said...

Sounds very nice even if it is raining and tell DH to keep up the good work lol

Leslie said...

Ok, why is that EVERYTHING happens on my watch!!!
Is this some kind of test?
I showed up and of course ALL of PTC Fire Dept.was there.They are really fast!(which is always a perk in an emergency)
It was a false alarm, thank goodness.
Mom, they didn't "bust" anything.

I played "Maintenence Man" last night, as dad told me how to disarm the alarm. Those of you that know us, know what kind of alarm they have, with a dad and uncle that put in systems.(That's another story)
Nobody better rob them, because I will be "under the jail" when you are finished dealing with me. :) I'll take care of EVERYTHING!(scary, huh?)
Love to all,

Julie said...

Okay,we're all rolling on the floor now Les!