Friday, March 27, 2009

Pray for Barry, Clare, Sam & Joseph

Okay, I am sending this out to all my friends, family, loved ones, people I have met and people I have not met. 

Most of you who have followed my blog know who Clare is. Elaine and Phil's daughter. Clare is the one we always go visit in Boston and she takes us to all the wonderful literary sites and finds places like Celia Thaxter's garden, Monhegan Island, Little Red Riding Hood's Pickety Place, Thoreau's Walden pond, Longfellow's gravesite at Mt. Auburn cemetery, Burdick's chocolate and so much more! She is an angel and kindred spirit! 

Clare's husband Barry has recently discovered cancer in his kidney and one lung.  They are going to remove his kidney next Friday and he will start a chemo pill for his lung.

Do this for me this for Clare please....for Sam and Joseph their 12 year old and 8 year old sons. Barry is an incredible husband and father. I REALLY love this family! I know exactly what they are feeling right now and what they need most is prayer. Pray for God's will to be done in all things and He will be given the glory.

Clare was down here last month before all this started and we had a sweet lunch together and her son Sam came over here and Savannah gave him an art lesson in cartooning. A precious, precious family.

Please ask God to heal Barry. Pray for a miracle. Pray for the surgery to be successful. Pray for that pill to work.

God can move mountains! Praise Him! Praise the Lord!

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Leslie said...

We know the power of prayer. Our prayers are with their family at this time.