Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today I Cleaned My Closet

Today I have been cleaning out my closet.  I have been needing to for months.  DH came out of there and said, "Is that the suitcase in there that we took to Florida at Christmas?"  Okay, I hear you! I get it! 

It is a walk-in closet that we had a hard time walking in.  If there is a tornado, we usually go in this closet to wait out the storm.  We would have been hurt worse from things flying around in that closet, falling off a shelf or just finding a place to sit down.  (I keep a helmet in there for Savannah for that purpose)

Anywho, for two days I have culled and pulled out clothes that I don't wear enough, wear at all, have had since high school, hoping that I can get back into. 

Isn't it strange (and a shame) how even if we haven't gained lots of weight, how our (my) bodies have just "shifted"?  That's a good word.  I have shifted.  Not gained weight, shifted.....right, yea, dream on.

And....pulling clothes out, I still don't seem to have enough or the right kind of hangers!  DH and I fight over the good plastic ones.  I have busted him before removing a plastic hanger from one of my shirts to swap it to put a yucky metal one on mine! Caught him!

I had to dust my shoes.  I don't keep my shoes boxed because they take up too much room that I don't have. My Nonnie kept every shoe box she ever had. When you looked up, you saw boxes and boxes all stacked and lined up. It was a beautiful sight! Every time I have to dust my shoes, I wish I had those shoe boxes back. I ended up grabbing my house coat to dust them today. That was the closest at hand. (Maybe I should have used one of DH's shirts, HA!)


Julie said...

Shifted - very good word choice. Wish I had my shoe boxes, too.

Leslie said...

Ok, I'm dying here! You're killing me! I can just see you in that closet, talking to yourself , and yelling to John from inside.
Yeah, I've SHIFTED too.