Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday in Savannah

We are back in Tennessee after a whirlwind trip to Savannah, Georgia!  The time we had there flew by, so that is usually a sign that you have had fun.  I had to include some pictures I took of our room at the Mansion on Forsyth Park.  It was this big Victorian, with bohemian decor.  Lots of greys, silvers, cranberry velvet, crystal, and mirrors.  I loved it!   Can you see that HUGE tub?  It was like a swimming pool sitting in between the bed and bathroom.  DH was a little freaked out by the glass water closet door, that you could see directly into the shower and bathroom all the way to the bed.  There were curtains you would draw around the tub and draw together when you went into the main part of the bathroom.  Not enough privacy and too much exposure for DH.

Savannah was in her element at the Savannah College of Art and Design bookstore 'Ex Libris.'  They have four floors of art supplies.  She was in heaven.

I am especially proud of this picture of DH holding my purse for me.  


Mandy said...

I was laughing at DH holding your purse before I even saw your comment! Too funny! I'm glad you had fun - the room is beautiful! Savannah is such a fun town!

Mandy said...

Oh, and I was looking at your church website and found a common thread....when we lived in Chatt a looong time ago, my mom was really good friends with Judy Pritchett - and then when I was at Lipscomb, I was really good friends with their daughter. Please tell them hello! Such a small world!

Mindy said...

That room is BEAUTIFUL! And, yes, you do have a great hubby. I do too. Aren't we blessed?

By the way, I love your list of blessings on the side!