Thursday, April 10, 2008

la Grotta Azzurra

Last year my mom and I went to Italy with a bunch of ladies from my mom's church in Peachtree City, Georgia.  There were nine mother/daughter groups and a few other ladies. We had a blast! 

 I was thinking about this amazing place we visited on the island of Capri called 'la Grotta Azzurra' or the Blue Grotto.  It was the first day of the season that the water was lower and open enough for the little boat to get into the cave.  We started out in a larger boat and then four people got in the little row boat, including the one guy who rows . We pay our money and then he rows us over to the cave opening and explains what we have to do.  First, he has to time it just right with the waves so our heads don't smash into the top of the cave opening.  He yells for us all to lay down in the boat like dominoes and he grabs the chain along the side of the opening, times it right, and yanks us through as he lays down too to shoot us in the opening. You can see in the first picture the group ahead of us already laying down.  In the second picture, you are able to tell just how small the opening is.

Well, it was so funny!  The picture where you see hands over a face is my friend Charlotte (yes, your mother Mandy), and she is laying in my lap screaming bloody murder. Scary, but so funny!  It was so narrow through there!  We (me, my mom and Charlotte) all thought our faces were going to be scraped off!  You have to lay back flat in the lap of the person behind you.  Well, we got in the cave in one piece and inside was AMAZING!  The water was the most beautiful blue you can imagine! The little light that comes in somehow makes the water glow this incredible color.  It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. 

 I was able to video a little bit inside with our boatman serenading to us as we try to sing along.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!  Click play.

I was so proud of my mom!  She is where I get my fearlessness from, I think.  There were some in our group who wouldn't do it.  Yay me, mom and Charlotte!!  This was only ONE of our fun stories!


Mindy said...

If there is every a time that Savannah can not go with you on one of ANY of these wonderful trips you have been speaking of, I would like to be your adopted daughter for a trip please!!

Looks like you had SO much fun!!

Mandy said...

I love it! I can totally hear my mother screaming as your boat is going through that tiny hole. I would have loved to have been there!!!