Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here Goes Nothin'

Well, here goes nothin'!  DH (dear husband) has been telling me for a while that I need to start a blog, but I guess I always felt a little intimidated by the word 'blog' itself.  I can understand 'journal' or 'diary', but not 'blog'.  So, I shall think of this little endeavor as a journal or just fun ramblings.

I love to read and I love to travel, but most of all I love being a mom.  Everything DH and I do tends to revolve around our dear 16 year old Savannah.  Right now she is busy with school and chorus, so we are traveling to chorus concerts.  Her best friend is in concert with her and we just love her parents, so we have alot of fun hanging with them. 

This coming weekend the chorus is heading off for their once a year, long-distance trip in St. Louis.  Sav's best friend has a national horse show in Perry, GA this weekend, so she couldn't go.  So Savannah decided she wanted to go with us on a quick weekend trip to Savannah, GA.  It is one of our most favorite places to go.  Such a beautiful city with all the squares and the historic homes.  We are staying at the Mansion on Forsyth. (www.mansiononforsythpark.com) It is a historic and beautiful Victorian on Forsyth square. Last year around Spring break, Savannah and I were in Savannah with my parents and DH was unable to go, so this year he gets to see our daughters namesake city finally!  Last year some good friends from Peachtree City, GA recommended a restaurant in Savannah that we absolutely could not miss. (No, not Paula Deen's restaurant, DH won't wait 20 minutes much less 2 hours to eat) Garibaldi's on West Congress street. (www.garibaldisavannah.com)  They are known for their famous diamond scored crispy flounder with apricot shallot sauce.  Heavenly!  You eat one side and then you flip the fish over and start eating the other side that has been sitting in the apricot sauce.  Thanks Anne I. for telling us about it and Aubrey and Lisa for telling me to flip the fish over because we still have a whole 'nother side to eat.  

Other travel news- 
In May, Leslie (my only sweet sister) and I take off for our yearly trip 'Just us sisters.'  It's our time to reconnect with each other and catch up.  We tend to go as far as we can I guess for it to feel like a real escape.  Last year we hit New York (boy did that put a dent in DH's wallet) and year before last we went all the way to Santa Barbara, CA.  It is a hoot when we are together.  She knows all my secrets and I know all hers and we usually have just one argument per trip.  (Usually concerning her driving... sorry Les)  Anyway, this year we are heading to Boston for our first night in Cambridge (www.acambridgehouse.com), visiting fun shops and booksellers, 2nd night we head down to Sudbury to Longfellow's Wayside Inn (www.wayside.org) and then head up to the Maine coast to Kennebunkport to the cottages at Cabot Cove (www.cabotcovecottages.com).  We are staying in the darling 'Sweet Dreams.'  Just what we need!



Leslie said...

Hey woman,
I LOVE the kichen. WOW, am I jealous. I bet you are cooking up a storm. I can't wait for the Boston trip. Hey, my driving might come in handy on the streets of Boston.(Ha!). Love you.Your blog is great, you tech savy chic!Have a great time in Savannah. Hugs to all.Sis

Julie said...

You are definitely the better driver, that's for sure!