Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nice and Quiet

Today has been a lovely, quiet day.  DH (dear husband) picked Savannah up today from school and I hung out at home.  I read, watched some 'Top Chef', did laundry and just enjoyed our beautiful Spring weather. 

DH has two softball games tonight, one at 8:00 and one at 9:00 pm.  That is so late to me.  I don't think I'll make it to those.  I've got to go sometime, I have missed the last two due to book group. Hopefully, next weeks will be earlier.  A friend from church also asked him to play golf tomorrow, so he is happy.  He came in and said, "Do we have anything going on tomorrow?"  I love how they ask that question before they tell you what's up.  Smart.

Savannah is happy tomorrow is Friday and the end of a school week.  The new 'Dr. Who' comes on t.v. tomorrow on the Sci-Fi channel and we are fans.  They tape it in Wales in England and she says she wants to take an extra duffle bag when we travel to Wales this summer so she can look for Dr. Who memorabilia.  We watch maybe three t.v. shows:  Dr. Who, Moonlight, and Top Chef.  We're not big t.v. watchers around here.  I read and Savannah draws.  Now I am NOT talking about DH.  He unwinds at night flipping the t.v..  Uuuuggggh!  I have my eyes closed in bed and it is like flashing behind my eyelids, because he can't leave it on one channel....but I still love him.

Other news...Nicholas (my nephew) has gotten a new dirt bike.  He is twelve and was so excited when he told me on the phone.  Please be careful Nick...he's still that cute little baby I watched being delivered!  This is a whole new ball game when those you love start riding motorcycles.  I don't know why I am complaining, I had a real motorcycle license at 16 and rode all over town.  Things are just so different now on the roads.  Nick's a great kid, so he'll probably be safe...or his mama will get him.


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