Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Disaster Thwarted

The usual time of departure for DH and Savannah is around 6:45 in the morning.  DH is usually up at 6:00 and I am either making her lunch or still snoozing.  This morning DH goes upstairs to see if she is ready to go and he is quickly back down asking me to go up and check on her, she is panicking.  The worst has happened:  She just woke up!  It is 6:41 and she says she forgot to set her alarm.  The first thing I said was it was about time she overslept!  Boy, did that bring back memories of Leslie and I not getting up in time and racing to catch the shuttle bus for the bigger bus that took us to school.  If we missed the shuttle bus, then mom usually had to make the 30 minute drive to reach the big bus. That happened more than a few times

Anyway, Savannah was so cute with that bed-head hair and sleepy dazed look on her face.  Most of you know she is the perfect child and I am always trying to get her to skip school or something like that.  She won't.  She just laughs and says,"Mooommm!" like teenagers do.  I told her, guess what?  You are normal!

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