Sunday, April 27, 2008

Magic and Memories

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Savannah and Nicholas in the chair together.  

This was Christmas Eve and they were hoping to hear Santa's jingle bells outside.  They had already spread the reindeer food on the front lawn.

They are both under Savannah's Peter Rabbit baby quilt that she used and then became Nicholas's favorite blanket that he carried with him everywhere.  

They were sleepy, excited and just so, so happy to be together.  I know what they mean.  There is nothing like childhood and being with the ones you love.

 Nicholas would take Savannah's hand and just kiss, kiss, kiss it over and over.  It was like he was Savannah's subject and she was his princess.  She would be patient and just wait until he was finished.   

 They said they heard Santa's sleigh bells that night and Savannah said she squeezed her eyes shut real tight, in case he might know she was still awake and would pass by.  Magic and memories did visit our home that night, in more ways than one.


Mandy said...

So sweet - I love looking back on special pictures and thinking about the wonderful memories that go along with them! Savannah and Nicholas are both precious children, then and now!

Leslie said...

I love this picture too!
Nick remembered that blanket so well. They were so young. I think that was the Christmas before Sydney was born.Happy Memories!
Love Ya, Les