Friday, April 4, 2008


Inez has been a part of our lives now for about 16 years.  She started coming to help me clean my house when I had my femur replaced in my leg.  She has been putting up with me and DH's antics ever since.

Sometimes she is vacuuming, and the plug is around the corner from where she is working and I will unplug it, and it is so funny to hear her flicking the switch back and forth trying to figure out if she has killed the vacuum or not. 

Another time, I went outside and knew she was wiping down the windows inside and I jumped in front of the window and about gave her a heart attack!

She and DH sass each other back and forth with good fun and she is his biggest fan.  He even got her a Land's End T-shirt with Super John flying on it and she wears it (not to clean in she says, because she doesn't want to get bleach on it) and she LOVES it!  I won't even do that.  

My dogs love her more than they love me.  And she loves them right back.

The running joke around here is that I'll get rid of DH before I get rid of Inez.

Thank you Inez for being a blessing in our lives.  We love you!!!

p.s. She's babysitting the pups this weekend for us.  What a gem!  

Off to Savannah, Georgia!!

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Mandy said...

Can you send Inez to Memphis???! I hope you and DH have a wonderful time in lovely Savannah - Happy Birthday!